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Rat Poison Racing News

Thanks for checking out the news regarding Robby's racing program. Robby "aged out" of the Jr Dragster racing last year. Before doing so, he won the NHRA regional meets and their "Iron Man" competition. His last season was truly phenominal, winning nearly everywhere he went. We are very proud!

For this year, Robby and his father, Dan, have built a new car. It is a real big-time step up. The car is an "AA/Fuel Altered," which is really a modern, funny car like the ones you see on TV every weekend. It is a Fiat bodied, blown, injected, 500 cubic-inch Hemi that runs on nitro methane fuel. So far they have done a bit of "shake-down" work and all feels just fine. This car is going to run 6-second elapsed time at 250 miles per hour! They have built a re-invented version of Grandpa Frank's car from the 1960s and 1970s. Check out the photos below.

Grandpa Frank's car in 1969:

Robby and Dan's car in 2017:


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