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Why should you buy from us? Who are we?

Since you have clicked onto our website, you are likely wondering what we can do for you, or at least, what is different about us. I am glad you asked because there is a big difference with us and you can benefit from it: Quick Lift Services is about SERVICE and QUALITY. We only sell the best. We have a 50+ year history because we believe in truth and value. Let me explain what this means to you.

I started as a young kid, right out of high school. I barely knew what lifts and other equipment were or why people needed them. As I learned, I found that there are usually three problems with automotive shop equipment:

1st: Lots of equipment was never set-up or installed properly.

2nd: Operators were often not instructed in the proper and safe use of their equipment, nor had they received the benefit of knowing what the tools could do for them.

3rd: Broken equipment stayed broken because the owners did not know who to call for repair and the service company did not know how to repair or service the tools.

Equipment was often a “touchy” subject because owners and users felt cheated regarding the items they had purchased.

In my earliest years, I sold a close friend from high school an engine analyzer. He never received any training. The machine sat in his gas station window, unused, for years. It became a sad issue between the two of us. From that incident forward, I vowed that I would never let someone down in such away again. I soon discovered that salespeople make any promise to get the sale and then they quickly forget to follow up causing the buyer to lose out on the value he had bargained for with his purchase. Hence I learned how to install, train and repair what I sold. If someone worked for me, he had better follow through on his promises; if not, he faced that customer on one side and me on the other side. I have fired several of those type of sales people over the years and then I personally did what was necessary to make it right with my clients. I always have; I always will.

So, today you get this kind of SERVICE from Quick Lift, be it a new item purchase or a service repair: You deal with me or my son, Dan, who has over 25 years of experience in his own right. You get on-time delivery and accurate and professional technicians working for your invested dollars. You will learn how to use the equipment, what it can do for you and what to expect over the lifetime of the machinery. I cannot always tell you what you want to hear, but you will always hear the truth. Buy from us because you can trust us!

Dan and I spend lots of time studying, researching, finding that one person who might know what we need to know to fix something. When we enter your shop, we stay there until your item is repaired. We sell quality equipment and parts. Often we have something specially built to eliminate future failures and we are sensitive to the losses incurred by your downtime. We stock as many popular parts as is reasonable, we have two service trucks to speed things up and we have equipment and helpers to make the job go quickly. It goes without saying, that we are fully trained, certified and insured to protect you thoroughly. When you have a need, turn it over to us, so that you can go back to what you must do: earn income for your business or, at least, work at keeping your costs at a minimum.

In addition to parts, we also sell new equipment and, when available, used automotive repair equipment. We only sell top name brands that back up their products with quality replacement parts and knowledgeable service. Top brands with the best back up policies usually cost the most; not a lot more mind you, but they're not cheap either. You get what you pay for. Why buy an Asian built product for $500 less, only to pay $400 to $600 in repairs within two years? If you experience a catastrophe, who will be sitting beside you in court? Would it be some fast talking sales dude, who most likely only sold equipment for short while, or a fellow who has dedicated his life to being of service to people? Please realize that all of this costs money; not a foolish waste of money, but money well spent to ensure you will be taken care of for years.

...Frank Pettinato :-)

When you need us, please call us at 864-505-3959

Also, you can e-mail right here from our website!

Mission of Quick Lift Services:

To touch and enhance lives through excellent service and safety.

Vision of Quick Lift Services:

To be a leader in our community because we display:

  1. Integrity in our dealings.
  2. Strive for perfection in our performance.
  3. Stand responsible for results.

Values we have formed during our 50 plus years of experience:

  1. Our clients are our lifeblood.
  2. There is no substitute for quality in our work.
  3. Present the best image in all that we do.
  4. Never compromise or settle for second best.
  5. Always try to improve.
  6. The most important job or person is the one we are working with right now.



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